2009 MBCD Retreat

  Lorene Joslin, __?__, Belinda Hathoren at St. Louis Metro Baptist Association  
  MBCD President Linda Whiggam  
  SBCD's 2nd Vice President Bob Crowell encourages people to go to SBCD in Ridgecrest, NC  
  Vivian Crowley leads the song  
  Bruce Tegg opens with ... thunderstorm? ... monster?  
  MoASBID Workshop  
  George Joslin  
  Newly elected MBCD President Craig Burgesen  
  Maurico Vargus  
  Ken McCune, Missouri Baptist Convention's Multicultural Church Planting Missionary Strategist  
  Bob Crowell having lighter moments  
  Dan Gruchalla leads solo  
  Leslie Chatmon  
  Craig Burgesen listens to Bruce Tegg  
  What a good meal!  
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