2010 MBCD Retreat

  Buckhorn, MO - half mile east of Exit 153 off I-44  
  Fingerspelling -- M - B - C - D  
  At end of Silver Lane  
  Building on left housed dormitory, cafeteria, swimming pool and gym; Building on right is a church building  
  Registration time  
  Men playing basketball  
  Leslie Chatmon shoots for a 2-pointer!  
  Silent Auction  
  Ready for Bobby Graff to preach  
  Sue Walker, Mary Burgesen & Dinah Myers of FBC-Arnold deaf choir lead the song  
  Bobby Graff preaches on Matt. 7:24-27  
  George Joslin speaks...  
  Craig Burgesen, Bruce Tegg, Lorene & George Joslin & Belinda Hathoren  
  Becky Nebgen gives a report about the missionary trips, past & future, to Puerto Rico  
  Vivian Crowley interprets for Ken McCune, Missouri Baptist Convention's Multicultural Church Planting Missionary Strategist  
  D. Bruce Tegg teaches about 1 Cor. 3:10-15 - He used illustrations in 2 photos below.  
  Gold - Silver - Precious Stone  
  Hay - Straw - Wood  
  Shannan Gilter interprets for legally blind & deaf lady  
  MoASBID Workshop led by Angie Allen  
  Lori Graff shares something funny with Bobby Graff & Bruce Tegg  
  Bobby Graff talking with Lori, Kim & Bill Eckstein  
  Swimming Pool  
  Mike Walker led the prayer  
  Line up for cafeteria  
  Fried Chicken for supper!  
  Tracy Jackson had enjoyed her supper already  
  Angie Allen, Sue Walker & Melissa Phillips  
  New officers & committee members  
  Talking a bit more before going home  
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