2011 MBCD Retreat

  Three Trails Camp - Salvation Army - east of Kansas City  
  There, at last  
  Registration volunteers  
  Registration time  
  MBCD President Craig Burgesen opens the MBCD Retreat  
  Pastor Randy Meeser of Oak Grove Baptist Church speaks  
  Karen Snead interprets for Randy  
  Mary Burgesen & Sue Walker sing  
  Pastor Ricky Milford of Oxford, Alabama preaches  
  People listen  
  Taking a break  
  Brad Dixon, member of MBC staff, speaks as Vivian Crowley interprets  
  People listen attentively  
  Pastor Ricky Milford's Visual  
  Pastor Ricky Milford  
  People listen  
  People sing  
  Linda Whiggam & Mary Burgesen lead the song  
Craig Burgesen leads the prayer as Jim Priscu & Ricky Milford look on.
  People praying  
  Jim Priscu teaches Sunday School  
  Kathleen Crowell asks question and gets answer from Ricky Milford  
  New officers, directors, committee members take oath  
  Giving thanks to Oak Grove committee for hosting the retreat  
  Pastor Ricky Milford leads the worship service  
  Ricky Milford's message  
  Ricky Milford explaing the message  
  Ricky Milford signs, "...it means..." or "...purpose..."  
  Ending message - weekend retreat was over  
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