2015 MBCD Retreat

  August 21, 2015 in Fulton, MO  
  Craig Burgesen opens the mBCD Meeting with the prayer.  
  MBCD President Linda Whiggam passing out the Reports.  
  Time for Refreshments!  
  August 22, 2015 - Texas Pastor Bob Barker conducts the workshop. The attendees were divided into 2 groups.  
  This group - "POSITIVE" about being a Christian.  
  This group - "NEGATIVE" about being a Christian.  
  Valerie Barker leads the workshop for interpreters.  
  Coffee, Tea....  
  Donna Draper of First Baptist Church of Arnold and Pastor Guy Thomas of Southside Baptist Church, Fulton, MO, are cousins.  
  Everyone enjoyed supper.  
  MBCD Business Meeting.  
  Another workshop - afternoon.  
  ASL for "Empathy" - both fingers pop up simultaneously.  
  "vulnerable" added...  
  Time for big supper!  
  Linda Whiggam leading the prayer.  
  Vivian Crowley interprets for Maurico Vargus who retired from MBC. Very awesome man who is active in the area association.  
  "milk the baby" or showing us how to carry a football?  
  MBCD Business meeting & election  
  Refreshments after service  
  Incoming MBCD President Jim Priscu and Outgoing MBCD President Linda Whiggam share-cutting the cake.  
  Agust 23, 2015 - this is the site of future new Southside Baptist Church.  
  Pastor Bob Barker teaching the Sunday School.  
  Jim Priscu leads the closing prayer before we went upstairs for Worship & Lord's Supper.  
  Bob Barker ASL-sings  
  Vivian Crowley and Linda Whiggam sing.  
  Vivial Crowley interprets for Pastor Guy Thomas.  
  Pastor Bob Barker and his "blank" book used in his sermon.  
  Readying for Lord's Supper.  
  Before the Lord's Supper.  
  "You may..."  
  Leaving for home.  
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